My Best Friend

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of taking pictures of my best friend and her family. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous. I am a momographer, not a professional photographer. Though I have gotten pretty good with my camera, I know nothing about posing people. So I went armed with a list of pose ideas and went to town. I am happy with the results. But, besides showing the pictures, I want to talk about my best friend.

I met Chandra just after I started dating Ian. I had just turned 18. She didn't like me. But, lucky for her, our mutual friend invited me on a trip with them. I found out later, Chandra wasn't happy I was coming along. But guess what? That trip was the start to an amazing friendship.

I can remember getting home at 1am after hanging out with Ian and chatting with her for hours into the night. Saturday mornings were a breakfast tradition for us. And they really bonded us together.

Then I went away to school. And we talked...all the time. We both got engaged. Chandra got married three months before I did. After she got married, I remember realizing how weird it was that I could no longer call her at all hours of the night to talk. But we still managed to talk...a lot.

Not much longer later, Chandra had a baby...then another one quickly after that. I would talk to her over the screams of her kids. I moved to Scotland. I can remember counting down the hours during the day (there's an 8 hour time difference), just waiting to call her when she was headed to work.

Then I moved home. The first time we had lived by each other for 10 years. Our breakfast tradition restarted (though stopped once taking my two kids to breakfast became too crazy). Our talking on the phone still happens...though less than it used to. We text more these days.

Chandra and I have walked through a lot together. And there is still more ahead for us. Her girls are practically teenagers and already think we are uncool...I know, right?! Have they never met us? We ARE COOL! But, in a seriousness, I feel privileged to call Chandra my friend.

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