Isla {2 years}

Weight: 27lbs, 3oz
Height: 34.75 inches

Says several words...too many to count
Says 3 to 4 words together
20 teeth

Foods - apples, red hots (the candy), tomatoes
Elmo, Ernie, bracelets, purses
Mama - this girl is a mama's girl all the way

I've come to realize just how important these updates are as there is just so much I forget so quickly. Oh how I wish I could remember every little detail of my kids lives, but I just cant.

I would say Isla is the epitome of a 2 year old. She can throw a temper tantrum like no other. Usually because something was taken away from her or because she was told no. Isla has also fully embraced the question "why?". Yep, have hit that stage. Fun times. Isla also likes to copy everything both Connor and I do. Hence it was only fitting for her to throw a fit because she wanted to hold my purse and keys when I was trying to her picture. And as you can see, she won. Some things aren't worth the fight. Now, when she decides to empty the contents of my wallet, that is where I draw the line. 

Isla has been out of a highchair for a while now. I switched her to a youth chair about 6 months ago when she was getting really antsy in her highchair (i.e. fighting being put in it every single stinking time). Well, now she no longer wants to be in her youth chair. She either wants to be on my lap, or in a normal seat. Food wise, Isla is a great eater. She will tend to try anything at least once. At the table, I give her a normal cup to drink out of. In true Isla style, she has copied her brother in dipping all her food into her cup before eating it. Yummy! 

When Isla is tired, she twirls her hair. When Isla isn't tired, she rips her hairbands out of her hair. She even managed to do it during these pictures. See it in the right photo below? Her left pigtail is gone. If she had it her way, her hair would be in her face all the time. And it totally doesn't bother her if it is in her mouth. Even if she is eating!!! Silly girl. 

I realized the other day that Isla doesn't have any girl friends close to her age. She is always playing with Connor and his friends and does great with that. In fact, I think hanging with the boys has made her one tough cookie. But I am sure in the not so near future, she wouldn't mind having a couple girl friends to play dolls with. Speaking of dolls, Isla has been playing "baby" lately. She really likes to rock her dolls in the doll cradle. And she has found it pretty dang fun when I put one of her dolls in a little baby carrier on her. She also is a big fan of puzzles, books and trains/cars. 

Despite these pictures, Isla actually refuses to have her picture taken these days. When I have a camera out, she refuses to look at me. I pretty much have to surprise her. But, if she knows I have a camera out, she won't look at me no matter what I say. And, well, she isn't quite old enough to bribe yet, so pictures have become difficult. 

My little two year old. Two years old! You aren't so little anymore. I enjoy every day I get with you, even the hard ones. I love watching your personality come to life. And I secretly totally love that you are a mama's girl, even on the days that I would love a break. Because, seriously there is no better feeling than your little arms wrapped around my neck and your head on my shoulder. 



  1. omg she is absolutely darling...I love reading these kind of updates to see what is in store for me with Parker!

  2. She has just the cutest round face and beautiful eyes! She is one lovely lady. :)

    I'm impressed that one of her favorite foods is red hot candies!

  3. She's just the cutest. Taylor just turned to 2 Oct 10. If we were closer, she'd totally be Isla's friend! :)

  4. Honestly, it kinda blew my mind to read that she says several words together because I already pictured her talking in full sentences... She's got so much personality! And now it's time to update your 'about me' with her TWO YEARS OLD-NESS!

  5. P.S. Beautiful, beautiful photos!


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