Pumpkin Patch Fun

It's like a bell goes off in my head on October 1st...ding, ding, ding...pumpkin patch season has begun! I told you it wouldn't take me long to get us to the pumpkin patch. We met some friends there on Friday.

^^ The kids had so much fun running around and playing with this school bus. And Isla had to be held up by someone because you could only see her hands otherwise. 

The kids had a blast. And it is nice that they are at an age that I didn't have to push a stroller around. Of course, I had to constantly watch two kids run in opposite directions! The past two years, the corn pit has been a win and it was again this year.

My kids were wrestling each other constantly in it. And before I knew it, Isla plopped herself on another boy wearing a striped shirt. Oops! 

This year there was a hay maze at the pumpkin patch and Connor was totally into it and having fun running through it with his friends. Of course, he was all into climbing on top of the hay bales. Then Isla would get all jealous that she couldn't climb on them and start crying until I would put her on one. She is in that stage where she wants to do EVERYTHING her brother does.

^^ I don't even know what was going on in this picture. I just turned around looking for Isla and found her like this. It was pretty funny. 

On our way out, the worker said, "Alright, well I will see you 5 or so more times before halloween." I guess she has us pegged! And it must be noted, this is probably the first time I didn't have to forcibly remove Connor kicking and screaming from the pumpkin patch. Yea!

And in case you care, here are posts from our pumpkin patch visits in 2012 and 2011 (Posts one & two). 


  1. YAY for Pumpkin Patch fun!! Watching them in the corn pit was the best! Those two cracked me up, watching them jump on each other and you could tell they both loved it!

  2. Isla popping up from the tire is adorable!


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