A Peter Rabbit Garden Party

One day this past week, my friend's mom hosted a Peter Rabbit garden party for her three kids and Connor and Isla. This party is the stuff dreams (and pinterest) are made of. She seriously covered every detail. It started a couple weeks prior with the handmade invitation that arrived in our mailbox. Though the kids were between 1.5 and 5, they got to use real china! The older ones even did a great job handling the teapot (full of apple juice) for themselves and the younger ones.

After the kids had time to eat and mingle with each other, it was time for the reading of Peter Rabbit. Then there was the little hunt around the garden. Next up? Pin the tail on Peter Rabbit, of course! Complete with a watercolor of Peter Rabbit, painted by the host herself.

^^ The kids seemed a little unsure of having their eyes covered, but Connor somehow managed to get the tail right where it needed to be without cheating. I was pretty impressed…with his luck.

After the game, the kids each got to plant a flower to take home. And there was croquet set up on the lawn…which the boys had a grand ole time using the mallets to pop all the balloons that had been up as decoration. Then, the party ended with the kids having plenty of time playing with the real chickens and rabbits in the backyard.

It was such a great time. It was fun seeing the kids all dressed up and enjoying themselves as well. And cheers to Trina for being so interest-worthy, when I myself am nothing of the sort.

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  1. Holy crap! I kinda want to hate your friend for her ingenious amazing gorgeous party, but she's just too good to hate. What an amazing time!

  2. We have a working relationship, but we’re almost like friends at this point more bonuses


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