Connor and his Polaroid camera

Recently Connor has taken an interest in vintage electronics. It started with old computers and has now moved on (or to include) to cameras. A couple weeks ago he got his hands on an old Polaroid camera and some film and was pretty darn stoked about it. He wanted to instantly put that film to use, so the first picture he took was of Willa and I on the front porch. He wasn't stoked about the quality, but then said "It makes it look like an old picture like others I have seen." So lack of quality equals old photo, haha! He took a couple more photos around the house before getting to take the camera to Yosemite with us. He was very excited about this. And honestly, it's cute how serious he is about the camera. He doesn't trust the neck strap, fearing it will break. He won't let others hold the camera. He took several photos at Yosemite, which are pictured below. Slowly he is learning about exposure, as that's about the only thing you can control on the camera and the photos constantly turn out overexposed. 

^^ Right after taking his first photo

Some things I want to remember about Connor and this camera are how he took a picture of our mailman, then made the mailman pay him for the photo. He also dressed up in a wig and everything and went to our neighbor's house claiming to be with the census and needing to take a photo. This kid is full of personality and imagination, I tell you! It's fun watching the kids get older and seeing their interest in various things grow. Watching them try things out for the first time and experiment with them. And Connor, well, he is just one of my favorites! 

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