Callum's First Day of Pre-K

One thing the rona has taught me is I can feel all the feelings, even conflicting ones, and still make decisions. I'm nervous about the virus and I would consider us more cautious than many around us. I didn't want Connor and Isla going back to school because of so much exposure. But I felt comfortable with Callum going back to preschool. There were many reasons for this, mainly being they had to cut class sizes and the classes at preschool can't co-mingle. Him being exposed to 15 kids felt much different than Connor having 35 kids in his class...which is INSIDE a school building. Callum's class door is outside, so no walking through halls with other people. 

I was excited for Callum to go back to school. I think this whole pandemic has been hardest on him. He doesn't understand why he doesn't get to play with other kids. But, he wasn't excited about going back. He kept saying he wanted to go back to his 3 year old class and not a new class. I was nervous dropping him off on his first day, as he was very quiet and reserved which isn't like him. And recently, he acted like that when I took him to the dentist. He was so nervous that he ended up vomiting all over at the dentist. I was afraid of a replay of that happening at school. THANKFULLY, my fears were unfounded. And by day two, he ran into his class all excited for show and tell. 

Let's talk about what Callum wants to be when he grows up, haha! This kid is full of personality and obviously doesn't want to be put in a box and labeled with what he wants to be when he grows up. He has never once given me a serious answer to this. It will be interesting to see if that eventually changes over time. 

^^ This is a classic Callum pose. He doesn't like to pose serious/smiling and would much rather be silly. 

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