Connor checking out the view

 We're in Vegas for a few days. Five to be exact. Ian had a conference to go to so Connor and I tagged along. Vegas isn't the most child friendly city out there. Small kids aren't even welcome at any of our hotel's restaurants.  Thankfully, I thought ahead. I rented a car. That way Connor and I weren't stuck on the strip. Sure, we haven't done anything too exciting, but we have been able to go to the park, the grocery store and a really cute outdoor shopping area. And tomorrow we are going to hit up the children's museum. I have to admit though, besides the beautiful view and having someone make my bed every day, I am looking forward to heading home in a couple days. Malls and hotel rooms are no place to entertain a child.

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  1. I went to Vegas as a teenager (with my parents) and it was lots of fun... but I couldn't imagine taking a toddler there!


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