Driving with Babies

Traveling any distance with two babies is no easy feat. I would like to hand it to my two little ones for both being on their best behavior while traveling today. Connor seems to have turned a corner lately and become easier to travel with. I think it is because he is more willing to play with his toys in the car. And I brought a whole bag of toys for him. He also likes to look at the trains along the side of the road. The only problem? He cries when the trains are gone! It's funny and sad all at the same time.

And Isla, well today she was content pretty much just sleeping and stopping to eat. She did get slightly fussy at one point. But that was it. Slightly fussy I can take.

After I hit the road this morning, it occurred to me that it would be the biggest pain ever for me to stop and go the bathroom somewhere by myself, with both kids. After thinking it over, I decided it would be best to stop at a Starbucks where they have those bathrooms that are an entire room and not just a stall. The only problem was there wasn't a changing table to change the kids. So, I ended up putting something on the ground and changing them there. Not the best, but it worked. What I didn't think about was how I would carry my drink to the car while also holding Connor's hand and carrying Isla. It was difficult and Connor may have gotten a small amount of coffee on his head, but we made it. About halfway to the car I considered ditching my drink. It was that hard of a walk! And you know what sucked? Once I got the kids in the car and took a drink of my coffee, it tasted horrible. But I wasn't about to take it back in and complain. Oh well. At least I was able to go to the bathroom.

The last crazy thing that happened (but was really the first, if we went in chronological order) was it was snowing hardcore on the grapevine (the mountain range between southern California and central California). The kids were asleep when I was driving through it which was kind of a blessing given that it allowed me to concentrate, yet a bummer that Connor didn't get to see the snow. And even though it is a little nerve wracking to drive in conditions like that, it was fun to see it snow.

After a long day of traveling and a long few days of being away from home and Ian, I arrived home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What a sweet man that Ian is. And I unwounded from the trip by taking a bath, drinking a glass of wine and forcing Ian to sit there and talk to me while I relaxed...pure bliss.


  1. Hooray for being so brave and surviving with 2 on the road! You have such a sweet husband!

  2. I am so impressed that you drove down there with both of the kiddos by yourself!! You are super mom!!

  3. A big shout out to Ian for the special flowers! I'm wonderfully impressed!


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