Connor {2 Years, 3 Months}

Weight: 29lbs (my measurement)
Length: still need to measure him

Says three words at a time
Remembers places when we drive/walk by them
Recognizes and says certain colors - yellow, green, white
Starting to say his own name (tawn-er)
Starting to recognize and say various letters

Who knew that talking makes one seem so grown up?!? Seriously. Connor is talking so much these days and it makes him seem so much more grown up. When he knows what something is, he says it over and over for me. Like he wants me to know he knows. So freaking cute! The other night in the bath, he was using "dad's soap" as he reminded me over and over. He started holding it up and saying something over and over, but I couldn't quite figure out what. Then I realized he was saying "white". And he was correct, the bar of soap is white. Like I said before, too freaking cute. And probably only something a mom would find freaking cute. I know. I am a little over the top.

Some of Connor's favorite things include trains, books and Chuck the truck. He is definitely a train boy. He likes watching trains (both real and cartoon), he likes playing with trains, he likes reading about trains. Connor loves all his books. And he certainly has a collection. Of course, he will still fixate on one book and want it read over and over again until I finally refuse to read it. And I often find him looking thru his books by himself. It makes me a proud mama. Now Chuck the truck, this is a rather new obsession. He got a Chuck video for Christmas and a few toys and the obsession began. I limit his tv viewing anyway, but I really have to now that Chuck is in the picture. He always wants to watch Chuck.

After I wrote about Connor constantly getting out of his bed, he switched on me again. He is back to staying in his crib. Though, he isn't back to taking naps every day.  I still put him down for a nap every day, but some days he just lays there and talks to himself...he can also reach his bookshelf from his bed, so brings in some books with him. Because of the lack of naps, sometimes he is really tired. On Monday night, he kept falling asleep at the dinner table and bobbing his head. When his head would fall, it would wake him up. And I think because I kept laughing, every time he would do it, he would laugh too. It was funny and sad all at the same time.

Connor is starting to get really possessive and having a hard time sharing. He doesn't want Isla to play with certain toys and he really has trouble when playing with other kids. But, I think that is just a part of growing up. I can't believe how much and how fast my little man is growing up...

On a side note, can you believe Connor is still sporting the same shirt a year later? Talk about value for my money!


  1. Those are such great photos! What a cutie pie! And it's no wonder he seems so grown up when he's talking. A lot of people argue that the only thing that makes us separate from animals is our language.

  2. His looks are the perfect combination of you and Ian. So cute!


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