I've Become...

That Mom!

Well not that mom. I still totally dress my kids every day. And not even that mom. You know, the one that wears velour tracksuits. But I've become

That Mom.

The one that frequents the Starbucks drive thru because it's just easier than going in. I actually drove out of my way today to hit up a Starbucks drive thru. Had I driven the fastest way home, I would have driven past two Starbucks. But neither of them has a drive thru and trying to get in and out with two babes plus a drink...well that's near impossible. So drive thru it is.

And you know what? I'm okay with being that mom. You know, the one that drives out of her way to use a convenient drive thru...even if I know my husband will totally judge me for this!


  1. I think we will all have our "that Mom" moments. And I'm right there with you on driving out of the way for a drive through!
    lol also realized that this past week, and probably for the next few, I'm THAT MOM: the one who is always is cozy pants and a big t-shirt! scary.

  2. We're members of the same club :) Other coffee joints with drive-thrus include Giaccomo's and Pure Vida. And they have frequent buyer cards!

  3. Don't worry - I don't judge you!

    But if you start showing up in tracksuits, I make no promises.

  4. You go with it! No judgement here. Coffee needs transcend judgement of any kind.

    The fact that you leave the house at all with two children still confounds me. How do you ladies do it? Unfathomable.


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