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It's no secret that I like taking pictures. Between both kids, I take more than a thousand pictures a month. Don't worry though...I only consider a couple hundred of them to be good. I know, a little overkill. But I don't want to forget anything.

Given my obsession with documenting life, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I like having pictures up in our house. One of my missions lately has been figuring out how to display all these pictures.

One idea I implemented was a photo collage wall over our fireplace. The fireplace has built in bookshelves on both sides, so it really is just a half wall. Anyway, I decided to make the picture frames non-matching. That way I could just use what I already have. Genius, right? I originally started the picture wall from one of the sides, but ended up re-doing it in the center of the wall. And what better center picture than our wedding picture? I probably shouldn't admit this, but this is the first time in our 8.5 years of marriage that a wedding picture has adorned our walls. Don't judge. Its up now!

Over the couch I have a collage of matching frames. These frames have traveled the world with us and have adorned many a walls.  I originally bought them for my office at work back in the day. Then they were one of the only household things we took to Scotland with us. And they obviously made it back to California safely.

One thing that I wanted to do consistently with each kid is display some of their baby pictures. So, I ended up framing the same pictures of the Connor and Isla together in the hallway - their birth announcements, a picture of them being weighed at the hospital and a favorite picture of them taken soon after they were born (both of these pictures were also in their birth announcements). 

And my last little thing of the day. My mom scored a Pottery Barn shadow box at a thrift store for $3 with the tag still on it!  She was nice enough to give it to me. I took it and put some of Isla's special things from her birth in it and hung it on the wall. I realize that none of these items I kept will ever matter to her (who doesn't want the clip that was on their umbilical cord?!?), but they matter to me and that's all that matters! (Do you think I said "matter" enough in that last sentence?) 

Think that is enough pictures hanging in my house? Hardly. I have tons more in the playroom (and the kids rooms). But I will show the whole playroom on my blog soon, so I don't want to spoil it by showing you the pictures on the walls!

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  1. I'm a total picture junkie too. It confounds my hubby - who is a "stick your tongue out at the camera" kind of guy.
    I love the way you put it, "document life." That's how I'm selling it form now on too.


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