That God...

He's a smart one!

You see, he eases us in to parenthood. When babies are born, all they need is to eat, sleep and poop. Sure, the crying and sleepless nights can stretch us to our limits, but that's nothing compared to when they are teenagers! I think Connor stretching his will is challenging, then I talk to my friend with kids in school. Her 7 year old give an attitude like she is a teenager. Its crazy!

Its not just budding personalities that we are eased in to. Its other things too. Like poop...

This may look bad, but it really isn't. Breastfed poop doesn't smell bad. It smells kind of like buttered popcorn. And its always the same color and consistency. Easy. Its God easing us into this whole parenting thing. Seriously, Connor can emit some smells and poops that practically knock me out. Speaking of Connor and poop, he pooped on the toilet the other night. Now that's something to write about! We aren't potty training yet, but it certainly is a step in the right direction...and one less poopie diaper for me to deal with!

I'm thankful for the learning curve God gives us...allowing us to start at kindergarten rather than high school. I look forward to the challenges of parenting, both with fear and excitement. When I pray for my kids at night, not only do I pray for them, but I pray for me and Ian. We want to do it right.


  1. Way to go Connor!! He is going to be so easy to train!!

  2. Ahahaha! Look at that poop! Buttered popcorn, you say? And yay Connor! I can't believe he's doing himself (and so soon!).


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