Shrouded in Mystery

In December, I received a surprise in my mailbox. A copy of Martha Stewart Living came in the mail. Addressed to me! My first response was laughter. Seriously, I am no Martha. Not even close. I thought one of two things must have happened:

1. Someone was trying to give me a serious hint
2. Someone really doesn't know me

I thought for sure during the holidays I would find out who this mystery gift was from. Christmas came and went and I forgot about my new-found Martha subscription. That is, until the next one arrived.  I have no clue who got this subscription for me. And it makes me kind of laugh...probably nervous laughter, but you know.

So now I sit here all confused. I have no clue how or why these magazines are coming to me. But, I guess I will flip through them, stare at the pictures and think about what it would be like to be Martha...cause there isn't a way in the world I would actually get around to doing stuff Martha style!


  1. How strange! It'd be kinda funny if you never ever found out who did it.

  2. This is funny!! I wonder who signed you up!


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