A Coffee Kind of Day

You see, it was a rough night for a certain little girl last night. Thus, it was a rough night for a certain mama, leaving me today to depend on coffee. I thank God for coffee. I also thank God for baby smiles. I am pretty sure he makes their smiles so cute so we can't be annoyed with them. One smile from my baby and its like everything that happened last night didn't happen. God did some of his best work when he made baby smiles!

And Isla has discovered herself in the mirror. She smiles at herself. It is so stinking cute. I plop her in her bumbo in front of the mirror when I get ready in the morning and it keeps her entertained the whole time. Of course, she is turning out to be just like her brother and has discovered if she arches her back, she can pop herself out. Once again, the bumbo tray saves the day!


  1. mmmm coffee. I'm getting into the habit of drinking it every weekday. However, this weekend I didn't drink any coffee and I didn't suffer any headaches, so I know I'm doing okay for now!

  2. Oh man, she's beyond darling! Sorry about your rough night though!


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