Isla {3 Months}

Weight: 14lbs (my measurement)
Length: 23.25" (my measurement)

Laughs...even does it in her sleep! 
Talks, well coos
Grabs at her toys
Puts her hands in her mouth

I feel like Isla is growing up so fast. And this past month, she really left her newborn status behind and became a full blown baby. All the smiling and laughing she does really melts my heart. I love this age. Isla looks at me and smiles so easily for me. She is such an easy going long as she doesn't have gas! She is mostly wearing 3-6 months clothing and they fit. Not too big, but actually fit. Craziness!

Isla really is a champion sleeper. She sleeps, though waking to eat, about 12 hours every night. And when she wakes to eat, she goes right back to sleep. She puts herself to sleep in the evening about 50% of the time. I am a softie and don't let her cry it out, so if she doesn't go to sleep, mommy or daddy rock her to sleep. During the day, Isla catnaps in the morning and takes a mammoth (usually about 3 hours) nap in the afternoon in her swing.

In the last few days, Isla has grown to love her bumbo. I can set her in it while I get things done and she is just content looking around. She also really likes her little play gym she got for Christmas. She can pull on the toys and make them make noise.

Isla still enjoys being worn. I've been taking the kids on walks lately wearing Isla and pushing Connor in the stroller. Isla sleeps the whole time during the walk. I wear her when I go in stores too. It assures me that she will be good.

When laying down, Isla always shifts her head side to side. Like pretty quickly and a bunch of times in a row. It is like she is trying to get comfortable or something. Because of this, she has a bald spot on the back of her head. I am embarrassed for her, but I am pretty sure she doesn't care.

And I leave you with some more adorable pictures of little miss Isla.


  1. So precious! Those are some great pictures!

  2. Those are such great pictures of little missy!! I haven't seen her in forever it feels like!! I can't believe she's three months either. Time is flying.

  3. Oh man!!!! She's so cute! And she looks so much like you guys! Even the bald spot sounds cute.


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