Family Pictures

A couple weeks ago we had family pictures taken with Ian's family. There is something about family pictures that becomes stressful. There is trying to work around everyone's schedules.  Figuring out what to wear. Then dealing with nap times, which became a total failure on our part. Pictures were at 3pm, smack dab in the middle of Connor's nap time. We woke him up and he was crying. He was so tired. And when we got to pictures, he became full of energy and had NO interest in taking pictures. Seriously no interest. He refused to take any pictures with Isla and even family pictures were difficult. Oh well.

Now allow me to introduce you to Ian's family:

Like I said, Connor was rather uncooperative with pictures. You can especially tell with our family pictures. And me, I should have buttoned my vest. I had it buttoned, but decided to unbutton it at the last minute. A minor detail, but it is all I think about a distraction for me when I look at these pictures. I feel like I look shapeless and don't like it.

I think my favorite family picture is the one of Connor kissing Isla.

I think this next picture of Isla and my mother in law is rather adorable.

And we end with Ian and I. I think it is a really cute picture, though I am still distracted by the thought that I should have buttoned my vest. Oh well. Life goes on.


  1. I know - I have such a hard time looking at pictures of myself too. There is only a handful of wedding pictures I like... isn't it so easy to find flaws in ourselves?

  2. I do the same thing of pictures of me...focus on little details. I love the picture of Isla with your MIL, and the family shot with Connor upside down. Too cute!

  3. they came out great. I'd never know that Connor wasn't cooperating. The picture of the sibling kiss & him upside down are seriously cute. Despite you pointing it out I don't get that you look shapeless with your vest unbuttoned at all. I think you look great, especially in the pic with just you & Ian.

  4. I think you all came out looking great!Having a child who will not cooperate is so frustrating, but like you said, life goes on. :-)

  5. Before I read your vest comment, I was thinking how lovely and feminine you look. THAT'S the first thing that crosses a stranger's mind when they see those photos. And WOW oh wow, those are some niiiice photos! My goodness, the chair prop and everything! What a good looking family.


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