I've always done well with chaos in my life. In fact, the more I have going on, the more organized I become. The less I have, the more I slack off. Makes sense, right?

I was with another mom today and she asked me if I had been napping since Isla came. It was a valid question. I napped almost every day while I was pregnant. And now I am getting less sleep. Yet, I am not napping. In fact, I think I have only napped once or twice since her arrival. Of course, there is coffee to get me thru it all!

That got me thinking. With Isla around, I have actually been getting more done around the house. The house is staying cleaner. I have gone back to meal planning. The laundry is getting done. Heck, I have even been managing to get small projects done around the house. So why have I been so lazy before Isla arrived?

Again, more thinking. Which really made me realize I just need to give myself a break. I was pretty on top of things before we moved back to California. Then, we lived with my parents for a few months. And by the time we bought our house, I was 5+ months pregnant. I was starting to regress. Starting to sit around a lot. I think that is just a part of pregnancy. Call it being hard to bend over, or the fact that you are hot all the time. I just didn't do much.

Then out comes the baby and I seem to have hit the ground running. I like it. I like the more organized Jessica who already has planned what's for dinner. I like the Jessica that finally unpacked all the boxes in her house and is getting things done. I like the Jessica that plays with her kids and is productive during their nap time. All this organization makes me feel good. Makes me feel happy.

Feeling happy about organization? That makes me feel old!

P.S. I also realized maybe my house is staying cleaner because I don't go out as much now that I have two kids! Leaving the house by myself with both kids can sometimes be a challenge.

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  1. I'm the same way... To a point. It's the same logic as how you're less hungry when you're active. When I sit around all day, I only wanna gnosh.


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