The Escape Artist

A few months ago Connor started crawling out of his crib. We considered taking the side off his crib as we didn't want him to hurt himself. I watched him do it one time and realized he was actually doing it rather safely. And, as quickly as he started doing it, he stopped. He only did it like three or four times.

Then all the sudden, he started it up again the other day. It was nap time and I heard Connor's door handle rattling...its a round handle and he hasn't quite mastered turning it enough to open the door. Ever since then (it's been like four days) he has only taken one nap. The other times, he has let himself out of his crib and played in his room...quietly.

Today I actually thought he was napping. Then I walked past his room and noticed he had pushed something under his door. But I still didn't hear anything, so I thought maybe he fell asleep on his floor or something. Then I opened the door and caught him playing.

Yes, I did bust in with the camera in my hand. I am cool like that!

Now there is a we take the side of Connor's crib off? I am still thinking no. When I go check on him before I go to bed, I find him every which way in bed. And so far he is staying in bed at night. Because of this, I am thinking the crib does provide some comfort for him and am not yet ready to make him give that up. Plus, I have heard of kids going from sleeping great to being bad sleepers when transitioning out of a crib. I'm already dealing with one not great sleeper. I don't know if I am ready to take on another one.


  1. Hmmm... I dont know what to say... GOOD LUCK! Every kid is so different, follow what you think is best.

    With us, once he started climbing out of his crib we transitioned to a toddler bed. He did great and his sleep wasnt interrupted. He has been in a toddler bed since he was 2 1/2. But now that he is almost 3, his sleep has definitely changed. He is starting to get up super early and it has definitely beem a change.

  2. What a cutie! Thats so adorable that he sneaks out and plays quietly. I have 0 advice for you though,... Sorry.


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