Entryway {My House}

Because I know you can hardly contain yourself wondering what I have been doing around my house lately, I thought I would show you two projects.

Project #1
This project came about for two reasons. It started with me making a fall wreath. Well, then there was Christmas and the wreath that went along with that. When I packed up all my Christmas decorations, I felt like my front door (and house, for that matter) felt so plain. Then, I saw a wreath that a friend of mine made and it inspired me.

Because I am cheap, I opted for a metal wreath frame rather than a foam one. Hey, it was half the price! I got the twine at Walmart and made the flowers out of fleece that was sitting around my house. In total, this project cost me less than $4 and took about an hour...all that twine wrapping takes time! I used twine to hang it from the wreath hanger on my door, so it would be centered around the awesome hummingbird window in my front door.

Project #2
Originally I had the idea of painting all the bedroom doors in my house with chalkboard paint. Then I thought that might be a little much. So, I decided to paint the coat closet door (which is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door) with chalkboard paint. I am more than thrilled with how it turned out. And, I may or may not have painted a whole wall in my house with chalkboard paint while I was at it, but that's for another post!

And to think that not so long ago, I didn't consider myself crafty! Of course, I still don't when I see to projects that some of my friends do.


  1. Any one that's a stay at home mom turns crafty over time!

  2. You are so totally crafty! Again the wreath is fabulous and I love the chalkboard door! Oh the things you will write....

    Oh and thanks for the much appreciated linkage! ;)

  3. I love that wreath!!! So crafty Mrs. Jessica! :)


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