Callum {4 months}

Weight: 14lbs, 8oz
Length: 25.5 inches

Likes: People smiling at him, anything he can put in his mouth, looking at himself in the mirror, sitting up, being in his jumper
Dislikes: Sleeping through the night, getting hungry

Callum has grown and changed leaps and bounds this month. He has definitely left all his newbornness in the dust. He now laughs, smiles at any happy face, babbles, found his feet. But don't you worry, he still isn't rolling over. The kid is trying to sit up, but won't roll over. I am semi convinced that he will be walking before rolling. #priorities. 

Sleepwise, Callum started the month on a high and ended the month on a low. He had started consistently giving me an 8+ hour stretch and now I am getting like 3 hour stretches out of him. But it is getting better. It started when we went and visited my parents for spring break, so I don't know if that just derailed things and we are now needing to get back on schedule or what. I am still getting one really good nap out of him a day…that is, as long as the other kids don't do anything too crazy. They have been found "checking on him" while he is asleep (aka: touching him until he wakes). 

In super good news, Callum has finally embraced his car seat. No longer am I listening to constant screaming in the car and it truly is joyous. Of course, I think it helps that he can now grab toys and put them in his mouth. So, he can "play" while we drive, rather than just sit there. Callum likes putting pretty much anything in his mouth these days. He will even grab my fingers and try putting them in his mouth. Callum likes chewing on Sophie the giraffe. This makes me particularly excited because I bought that overpriced, overhyped toy when Connor was a baby and neither him nor Isla really showed much of any interest in it. At least I am (sort of) getting my money's worth. Of course, I learned the lesson long ago to not get caught up in the hype of baby gear…the hype always lets me down.

Callum likes his independence. He really enjoys being on his playmat, playing away. And he also really enjoys being in his stroller. I just started sitting him up in it (before I was making him lay flat) and he pretty much thinks it's the best thing ever.

Sizewise, Callum is long and lean. Though in the past week or two has started to chunk up. Like his little double chin chub just showed up about a week ago and I totally love it. Many people have commented on how big his feet are. Given that I have never measured any of my kids feet, they just look like feet to me, but apparently they are big. Callum started wearing 6-12 months clothes. Can you believe that?! I kind of can't. Like they genuinely fit and aren't too big. I actually had to pack up some 3-6 month things already because lengthwise, they just don't fit. Diaper size, he is in a size 2 and those still fit him well. It's crazy how quick babies grow. I forgot about how rotating clothes and shoes is a constant thing. Of course, I am still loving reliving Connor's babyhood through his clothes. 

And, in case you care, here is Connor's 4 month update and Isla's. I always try to not look at them until I am done writing Callum's…that way I can truly compare them afterward.

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