4 Months

My baby is 4 months old today! It is true what they say...it goes by so freaking fast! Obviously he is still a baby, but not the same little guy I gave birth to 4 months ago. Oh and what is the deal with when you are pregnant, every month lasts FOREVER, but once the baby is out, the time FLIES?!?

Weight: 12lbs, 8oz

Length: 24.5 inches

(and some of these are ones only a mother could appreciate!)
Laughing all the time now
Actively playing with his toys
Rolls over so much, he never stays on his stomach
Rubs his eyes when tired
Looks at himself in the mirror and smiles
Talks (well, babbles) all the time
Following people around the room with his eyes

Almost 2 weeks back in Scotland and we are getting closer to a normal bedtime again. Connor is going to bed around 10pm now. We reverted back to swaddling again (didn't do it at all while in California), but he was having so much trouble sleeping at night, so we decided to try it again. It seems to help. He is only getting up once at night to feed. The earlier he goes to bed, the easier life is as then Ian and I actually get to spend some time together! Connor loves being out of the house. He rarely ever cries when we are out of the house. He is so happy being pushed around in his stroller. He is such a fun little baby...I love that little man!

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  1. Conner just misses his CA family! He loved California and all those fun people.


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