2.5 Years

Monday was the 2 and a half year anniversary of my touching down in Scotland. How fitting then that I spent it flying back to Scotland! After being in the states for 6 weeks, I felt like a broken record. People kept asking me what I thought of Scotland and I kept telling them how much I enjoyed it. I really do feel we were given a gift moving over here. We were given the gift of freedom. No longer are we bound to our mortgage, our possessions, our life. Now our possibilities are endless.

After getting home yesterday, I asked Ian about "our plan". So many people asked me about our plan while I was home, so I thought we should talk about it. Both of us would really like to stay here longer (sorry Clive, it looks like we overrode your vote!) and are trying to figure out how to do it. Money is the issue. People make a lot less of it over here and the current exchange rate is sucking for us. And, there is a reality of a mortgage that we have to pay...well, pay the difference between the rent we get and the mortgage. We realized, I would bring in more money working one weekend day a week then I would working full time and putting Connor in daycare. How crazy is that?!? We have some other options and things to figure out, but the gist of things is that we like this place way more than the original 2 years we thought we would like it! Oh, and I remember thinking 2 years would be a stretch!

I was happy to get home yesterday. Happy until I had to use the toilet. I seriously hate the low flush toilets over here...there is like 8 ounces of water in them and I just don't find it effective, if you know what I mean! Low flushing toilet aside, the day is beautiful. The sun is shining and I am headed to a hospital appointment for my child that is FREE. Yeah, many people diss it, but I think I will now forever be on the socialized health care bandwagon...I was close before. Even wrote my senior project on it. But, after living it, and having a baby on it, I am sold. Free health care just makes sense!

Being home, I loved the ease of going to the store. The parking is a breeze and stores like Target just fascinate and entertain me. But, I also realize those stores are like an addiction and a drain to your wallet. I don't want to be like that. For the past couple years, my entertainment has been going on walks, people, movies, this blog, drinking coffee, more people. That is how I want it to be. There is a slower pace of life over here. At times it annoys me, but I also realize it allows for more time for people and I like that. My opinion might change the longer I am cooped up with my baby, but today I like it.

The truth is....I think everyone needs to move to Scotland with me! (Just bring your toilets and washer and dryers with you!)


  1. Glad you made it home safe! It is great that you love where you are so much. Agree that we are overcome by stuff found in big box stores. I think free health care is great for the young. Not so sure how great it will be for those of us who are growing older with health issues. However when we have the Lord, he seems to be able to take care of us in all circumstances. So maybe...what the diff. Love you Jess, brenda

  2. Glad that you are home safe and sound. Also glad that you love where you are living. Agree that life was slower and more fun before the era of "big box" stores. Yes, I am old enough to remember that . I also remember out houses. Free health care seems great for the young. Not so sure how great it will work for the aging pobulation. But we can trust God to care for us with or without free medical care. Love you bunches Jess, Brenda

  3. PS: I agree that life is simpler without all the stuff. I can remember the time before "big boxes". I also remember out houses. Prefer indoor plumbing!

  4. Hey Jess...I'm SO glad you made it home safely!! It's a great feeling waking up and realizing the place God moved you to has become "home" and a joy in your life. I can relate as I just celebrated my 5th year of being in CA.

    It was great seeing you while you were in for a visit...and it was a PURE JOY meeting, holding and laughing with little Connor!

  5. I am glad that you and Connor and Ian are all in the same place, wherever it is, it is home. It was great seeing you guys...we are looking forward to the next time we can visit. XXXOOO


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