Spring Fashion Week - Day 1

A blog I follow, Moms are for Everyone, is sponsoring "Spring fashion week". I decided to take part in it. Basically how it works is every day for a week I will post a picture of myself on here for all to see what I am wearing. I know this won't interest most of you out there, but I am sure my parents will at least like to see a picture of me every day!

A few things about my style...I used to have some, honest. I have an extensive collection of heels in my closet to prove it. But, somewhere along the way, I moved to a colder climate with cobblestone streets...a beautiful place to live, but harder to be fashionably dressed. Then I had a baby and I nurse him...thus all my tops must be stretchy and provide easy access. Also, the little man spits up all the time, so everything must be washable...he already spit up on me twice before I could even take a picture! And, I walk a couple miles a day (my only mode of transportation while the husband is at work is my feet), so comfortable shoes are a must. Oh, and it is supposed to snow this week...not exactly the spring weather I was hoping for!

All that being said, here is me today:

Scarf: Bought at a garage sale
Shirt: From college (I only graduated 6 years ago!)
Tank: Nursing tank from H&M
Jeans: Seven's
Shoes: Husband's UGGs...comfortable and easy to wear around the house

And here is cutie boy Connor:

Bib: Carters
Onesie: Old Navy
Overalls: Oshkosh
Shoes: UGG


  1. matching Uggs!! so sweet. I'm so glad you're playing along! :)

  2. H&M makes nursing tanks???? AUUGHH, one more reason to be sad that the closest H&M is a bazillion miles away. :)


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