The Adventure of Staying Home

I don't know what I thought staying at home with a child involved, but I certainly thought there would be more down time...and my house would be cleaner! Some days go by beautifully...child is wonderful, house is clean, dinner is on the table. Other days (days like today) are just a disaster. Baby is constantly crying, throwing up and just taking up all my time. Dishes don't get done, laundry piles up and even my stomach goes hungry as I care for my little one. But thru it all, there is one thing I can't get out of my head...

I feel like I have to earn my keep

Before, when I had a job, I was contributing not only financially to the household, but also helping keep things in order. Now, my main job is to keep things in order. That means I can't let things fall apart and force Ian to contribute after a long day at work (this is my thought, not his). Problem is, some days that is harder than it seems. And on those days, I am afraid I am not earning my keep. On the days (like today) when the little man isn't feeling well and needs constant love and attention, nothing gets done. Now, don't get me wrong, I love sitting around cuddling with the little one. BUT, I am afraid Ian will get home from work and think I am lazy. I know he doesn't. But still, I just can't get it out of my head that I have to earn my keep.

Connor in happier times...
taken on my iphone...I love my iphone!


  1. I totally know that feeling. It's a lie from the enemy. Your primary job is Connor, not the house. And, praise the Lord for good husbands who know that even when we don't!

  2. Well there will be productive days and not so productive days, but when you look at that sweet little man's could you not want to just sit there and snuggle him, especially when he is not feeling well. He needs his mama!!!!


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