Spring Fashion Week - Day 2

With a winter storm raging outside my house and Connor and I having to go out in that storm, once again, I don't have much of a spring style to show.

Here is the thermometer at my house at 11am...26 degrees:

Here is my outfit (from my view):

Scarf: Primark
Shirt: Topshop
Tank: Nursing tank from H&M
Jeans: Citizens
Shoes: Wellies from the Office

Jacket: Thrifted

And Connor's outfit:

Bib: Don't know, no tag
Onesie: Old Navy
Pants: Disney

Snowsuit: Old Navy

Connor and I are volunteering at a charity shop for our church this afternoon. Being that we moved here when I was on maternity leave, I have been attempting to make friends and get myself out there...hence, volunteering at the charity shop. But, we've got to bundle up warm for the trip to the shop and the shop probably won't be very warm either. But, I am imagining some nice, warm coffee in my belly and that makes it all okay!


  1. super cute shirt, and those wellies are sooooo cool!!! :)

  2. lOVED that shirt. You're such a cute mom. what a little ham you have! those eyes are going to get him in trouble someday!

  3. Spring in Scotland is a bit different than here in California! Connor really does have such a great smile. He's always beaming at the camera. And I love the jacket - nice find!

  4. awe you two are so so cute! love the shirt :)

  5. love the outfit!!! and love the blog title even more... haha!

  6. You look very cute and those are cool camera angles!

  7. I've never seen lace up wellies before. I'm in love!


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