Late-Onset Colic

Honestly, I think health care professionals make up half the diagnosis' they give! Okay, not really...BUT, I am finding "late onset colic" a bit of a stretch. So, now for the back story...

The last couple weeks Connor just hasn't been himself. Think of hours a day spent screaming and almost nothing will stop it. It really gets exhausting. So, at the doctor's office on Friday, I decided to mention it. Their diagnosis...late onset colic. We have another appointment on Monday with a doctor to check Connor's meds and make sure it isn't anything else. When I asked what exactly colic was, I was told it was crying due to really bad gas. The gas part would certainly make sense. Anyone who has been around this boy for any length of time knows he has some incredible gas...they even commented about the amount of gas he has when they did an ultrasound on his abdomen back in December. They were surprised to hear he was breast-fed, given the gas bubbles inside his belly.

So, here's the thing. With a little googling under my belt, I found that all colic is, is the name for unexplained crying. I also found that when found in older children, generally it isn't colic. So, my question is...does Connor just have late-onset crazy crying or is something bothering him so much that he feels the need to cry?

Maybe he just realized that he is stuck with me for the rest of my life!


  1. Keep pushing the doctors on their diagnosis. Remember how three doctors tried to tell me that Reghan had colic when it really was a UTI and missing kidney. I love you lots and will continue to pray for healing for Connor. Hang in there! Don't worry, he is really not trying to kill you!

  2. You are a wonderful Mom and he is way to young to be mad at you for doing what is right for him! I agree with your friends. You know your child. Ask questions based on you research. Ask what else could cause this kind of distress. It is not normal.
    Love and prayers, Brenda

  3. First of all, he's so cute.
    Secondly, I will be praying for you. The 6 weeks when Landon cried non-stop were so tough. I wanted to pull my hair out. Don't feel bad if you need to put him down in his crib and just step outside for a breather. And I agree, keep pushing the doctors, late onset colic seems a bit odd.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for your encouragement. The doctor doubled the dose of one of Connor's meds today. She said if that doesn't work, they will try me pumping and adding a thickener to my milk. She thinks all the crying is due to his reflux. Oh and she said babies with reflux are known to have really bad gas. She said if he didn't, then he wouldn't have reflux. So, all of that is good to know. I am hopeful that more medicine will help and he will grow out of this eventually!


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