Last Night...

...My child tried to KILL me!

No joke. He did the best he could. Thankfully, he did not succeed. I was up until 6am. Not cool. I actually slept between 5:03am (the last time I looked at the clock) and 5:34am (when Connor started screaming his head off again).

Also, no joke. Before I came back to Scotland, Connor was going to bed most nights without even crying. He was sleeping 8-10 hours without waking up to feed. Life was seeming easy. Possibly too easy. Maybe that is why this happened to me.

As I have recently learned, a large time change can be a b*@#! with a baby. And, boy it has turned my life upside down. If it weren't for the adorable smiles the little man constantly gives me, I would go insane. Ian and I actually laugh...Connor can be screaming his head off, stop to smile at us, then return to the screaming.

Hopefully someday (soon, I hope) my life will again have sanity in it. And I will once again have peaceful evenings to hang out with my hubby. A girl can dream, right?


  1. Seriously Jess, I totally get it! I know Reghan was trying to kill me when she was going through seizures for that year!! Oh I barely survived!! You will make it I promise!

  2. He's just trying to let you know that he misses his grandma!!!


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