What is Life?

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Yesterday at church, they were talking about living a good life, and that got me thinking...

In general "we" rate our lives by the big events that take place. Growing up, all we can think about is the next big event...

Starting school
Turning 13
Getting your driver's permit
Turning 16
Turning 18
Moving out of the house
Turning 21
Getting married

But, at some point along the way it has occurred to me, though the big events in life are important, what is more important is how we live every day in between those big events. And I would go a step further. I would beg to say that at the end of life, it won't matter how many missions trips we have been on, how much money we have given to various causes and how "Christian" we seemed if our home life was in shambles. If we have burnt all our bridges and don't have any real friends or family that loves us, I don't think our life was worth while.

I haven't always understood this. Up until recently, I was living my life trying to figure out how I will be remembered. I don't want to be forgotten in two generations. I want people to remember who I am, who I was. Now, I realize, that will happen, just not how I planned. My name may not go down in history for something, but I am a link...a link to the future. In my son, I am instilling values. In turn he will pass those on to the generation after and so on. I may not know the names of my family in the generations before me, but I do know they got me where I am today. They lived, made decisions and moved. Because of those decisions I was born an American and raised a Christian (though that part came from my parents).

I realize that if I can get even one person to believe in God, my life will have been worth living. It isn't about the big things I do with my life. It is about the day to day stuff. How I act at work (well, not exactly work right now), what I speak out of my mouth, how I treat my husband, how I treat my child.

At the end of my life, what will matter is how hard I loved.

How hard I loved God
How hard I loved my family
How hard I loved my friends
How hard I loved this world (I mean the people)

My prayer is that as I live my life...living the daily grind...that somehow thru it all, I will have been a witness to others. That somehow I will have helped others along the way. And in the end, I will be surrounded by those I have loved.

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  1. Love it, shed a little tear! See you real soon, Naseem x


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