Please Don't...

...stare at me with that disgusting look when my child spits up all over. It's not like I wanted him to spit up all over me, the chair and the floor. Plus, I cleaned it up myself.

...give me a weird look when I am running down the road with a screaming baby. I don't know why he won't stop screaming and I am trying to get home as quickly as possible!

...judge me when every time you see me I am wearing the exact same t-shirt and jeans. Having time for laundry has become a luxury!

...scrunch your nose in disgust at me when I am changing my kid's poopy diaper. It is going to get worse when he starts eating solids. And, if you don't want to smell it, don't hang out in the baby crying room!

...roll your eyes when you realize, once again, all I have to talk about is my baby boy. It is what I do with myself all day, every day. (Though I am starting to make is coming over for lunch on Friday!)

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