Three Kids

You guys, I was actually taking pictures of Callum and the light was so good, I called the other kids in the room and had them climb up on the bed with him. I am so glad I did because this second picture is like my favorite yet of my three munchkins and I am totally going to print it out for our house. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I am honest about my kids and their relationship. In fact, I kind of get tired of moms declaring their kids best friends that never fight. Connor and Isla spent their first years at each others throats. It's only been in the past couple years they can actually interact without fighting…and there is still plenty of fighting, but they can now actually interact at times without fighting. I don't wear rose colored glasses around here and tell everyone they are best friends. But, I will say, when they are playing together peacefully, it's utter and complete bliss…of course, I am not sure it that is due to the quietness I get to enjoy or the adorable sibling relationship.

Enter Callum.

The kids are obsessed and he always rewards them with the biggest smiles. They are always up in his business and manhandling him, so why he smiles so big for them is beyond me. Yet, I can't help think about the firs time Callum punches Connor in the face for always getting up in his face. Or the first time he grabs a fist full of Isla's hair. Or the first time he gets into the kids toys and destroys them. Then again, they also may enjoy getting to relive some of their toddlerhoods, playing with their long forgotten baby toys with Callum. I guess one just never knows how things will turn out. I will know soon enough. So, for now, I will just enjoy Callum rewarding the kids with the biggest smiles ever when they get all up in his face…and leave the worrying about all of them annoying each other for future Jessica.

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