Callum's First Giants Game

On Saturday we took Callum to his first Giants game. Ian got two tickets through work, so we left Connor and Isla with his parents and took Callum with us to the game. Now, let me tell you, I literally couldn't have imagined Callum being as good as he was. Like he was way better than he normally is. He literally didn't cry. He spent most of the game strapped to my chest in the ergo, perfectly content. He pretty much just started at the people behind us and got super big eyes every time the crowd cheered loudly.

It was fun how many people made comments about Callum at the game. So many people wanted to ohh and ahh over him. And several people told us about the first time they took their babies to Giants games back in the day at Candlestick Park. It was really sweet to hear so many people reminisce.

I'm glad we took Callum to the game and glad it went so incredibly well…and glad I was able to fill my belly with garlic fries. Now to get Callum to act like this at Connor's tball games because he literally goes crazy every single stinking time.

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