What kind of mother of two would I be if I didn't compare my children?!? I mean seriously, isn't that what parents are supposed to do? Sure, Isla is 10 days old and Connor is 23 months old, but the comparisons have already begun. Here are some things I have already noticed:

The other day I noticed Isla make a face. A face that was a signature facial expression of Connor when he was a wee babe. It made me smile. And that facial expression is about all these two babes have in common.

You see, Isla sleeps all the time. Connor, he never slept. People were always making comments about how alert he was. Isla, not so much.

Actually, there is another thing both babes have in common. They both had decent heads of hair when they were born. Sure, Connor's was sandy blond and Isla's is dark brown, but still it counts.

Isla likes to be held. All the time. If she isn't held, she cries. She also is a major fan of her swing. It is the only place we can set her for a reasonable amount of time where she won't cry. We never swaddle Isla. It doesn't seem to matter.

Connor liked to be swaddled all the time. In fact, it was the one sure way to calm him down. He also spit up all the time. Thankfully Isla doesn't appear to have the stomach problems that Connor did.

And since I am talking comparisons, I have noticed that unless Isla is dressed head to toe in pink, people assume she is a boy. I don't like that. People should just call it a baby if they don't know otherwise. I can tell this is something that is going to bug me.


  1. love the comparison list and the shared facial expression is priceless! Comparing is what you do when there is two :)

    love you! can't wait to meet Isla.

  2. In other people's defense, when a baby is as young as Isla, you can't really tell if it's a boy or girl. You're right - they should say "baby" - but at least she isn't 1+ years old, and they're still making that mistake, like when my youngest sister was a baby...


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