Drive Me Crazy

People's driving habits drive me crazy. If I don't watch myself, I could quickly go down the road of some major road rage. But its just because the majority of people seriously don't know how to drive.

One of my major pet peeves is people turning right on red. When you turn right on a red, you DON'T have the right of way. This means I shouldn't have to slow down at all for you, let alone slam on my breaks. This happens numerous times a day when driving around Modesto and it seriously kind of pisses me off. But people in Modesto don't know how to drive, so I will forgive them. Maybe.

Another thing that gets to me is the lack of respect drivers have for pedestrians. This bugs me just as much when I am driving as when I am the pedestrian. Drivers constantly turn really close to pedestrians in crosswalks and even fail to stop for people walking in them as well. I don't think any hurry a driver is in is worth the life of the person in the crosswalk. So, for the love of people's lives, slow down and let people safely cross the road.

I could go on and on about driving habits that drive me crazy. You really don't want me to get started on talking on your phone or texting while driving. It's against the law. Just don't do it! And the thing is, people in Modesto just aren't good drivers. There's even statistics to prove it. People in Modesto are more likely to get in an accident than the national average. But, I chose to move here. So I will deal with it.

Oh well. I would be happy (maybe) if people just stopped turning right in front of me.


  1. The right turn thing is seriously annoying!!! I always want to scream that I HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT or ARROW not you ... I have a little road rage can you tell?

  2. Well written text. I like the way you say it.


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