Big Girl Bed

Isla has been able to climb out of her bed for a while now, but never regularly did it. A few nights ago, I was putting Connor to bed and heard Isla's door slam. After getting Connor sorted, I went to Isla's room expecting to find her playing. Instead, I found her back in her bed, with a crib full of toys. It was then that I knew it was time to convert her crib to a toddler bed. So, on Friday night, that is just what we did.

 When we started taking the sides off Isla's crib, she was hysterical. She was crying that her bed was "broken" and to "fix it". Once the sides were off and we went to switch out the bottom to the footboard, she went from sad to happy. She got on the bed and started jumping on it. She was super excited.

^^ How Isla slept on the first night. 

A couple nights in, it seems like a smooth transition. The first morning, Isla didn't get out of her bed when she woke up. Just like she did in her crib, she grabbed some books from the bookshelf right by her bed and waited for me. The next morning, I found her out of her bed and playing. She seems to be enjoying her freedom and really seems to be enjoying the fact that we can lay with her in bed when she goes to bed at night. I have a feeling the rocking chair in her room will not be getting much use anymore and instead, I will be cuddling with her in her bed.

I have to admit, as sad as it is for me to leave the baby stage behind with no other baby on the horizon for our family, I also can't resist the cuteness of Isla's toddler bed, so that helps.

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  1. Aww look at that smile! I'm glad the transition has gone smoothly. Yeah!!!

  2. Gosh she's growing fast! I love her excitement over her big girl bed. So sweet!

  3. so happy to hear she's transitioning well! I'm so nervous about this future change!

  4. What a big girl!!! :)

    I'm afraid to move Tay to a big girl bed since she sleeps so well in her crib. But unlike Isla, Tay has NO idea she can climb out of that thing!

    1. I'm all for leaving kids in their cribs for as long as possible!


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