Sometimes you just need a quiet (or even just calm) evening. But when Isla is tired and NEEDS a bath, that usually won't happen. After putting a crying and resistant Isla in a bath, I remembered a bath painting set I had tucked away in the cabinet and pulled it out. Let's just say the crying stopped and only restarted when I finally pulled her out of the bath.

The fact that I pulled these bath paints out should show how desperate I was. They were thrown in the back of the cupboard because of awful experience I had with bath crayons a couple years ago. The bad experience didn't come from the kids playing with the crayons, because they loved them. The bad experience came from the impossibleness of scrubbing the crayon off the walls of the shower. It was a bit of a nightmare. In my desperation, I decided to give these bath paints a chance and they were way better than I expected. Not only did they make no mess (besides coloring the water a bit), but Isla loved them and was super entertained. She painted the bath and painted herself and had a good ole time. It was a huge win in my book. And I am thinking I should get another set of these (not sure where they were from as they were a gift) so I have them on had the next time I am dealing with a more challenging than usual day. 


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  1. huge parent win AND beautiful photos too!

  2. Such great photos!
    Do you know what brand bath crayons you had such bad luck with? I have some stashed away and I now I'm afraid to use them!


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