Same Glasses, Different Kid

Do you ever just have the biggest case of deja vu? That is pretty much how I felt after looking at Isla chilling in her stroller in Connor's sunglasses the other day.

Not only was she wearing his sunglasses, but the picture that popped into my head of Connor in them, he was in a stroller too. Then, when I went back to find the picture I was thinking of, I couldn't believe how similar their facial expressions were. Especially given that Isla usually smiles all big for the camera.

It's funny (and weird) how some things seem like they just happened yesterday (this picture of Connor), yet feel so long ago at the same time. I notice with kids this seems to happen a lot more often. As cliche as it sounds, they really do grow up too stinking fast.

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  2. And I never noticed that your kids do look similar too! :)


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