The End of an Era

...or the beginning, depending how you look at it. 

I have been blogging in this space for almost seven years. Except for changing up the look from time to time, the blog has remained virtually the same. It has always been me blogging about my life. Obviously, along the way, a couple key players have been added to my life (Connor and Isla). 

^^ 2007 Jessica...I took this picture and used it in my "goodbye" to my work when I left California for Scotland. I have matured a little since then.

After everything that happened last week, I decided I wanted to be able to watermark my images with something that more easily pointed back to me, than "Life as I know it". There are literally thousands of blogs with that name. So, I sat trying to come up with a few different names. I quickly remembered, it isn't all about me anymore and I wanted my new blog name to reflect that. So, "Jess and the gang" was born. 

For those of you that haven't been around from the beginning, I actually started my blog saying, 

We all have things we want to be when we grow up - a youth pastor, a doctor, a social worker, a nurse, a boutique owner...just to name a few of my aspirations. Even though I don't have nailed down what I want to be, I can tell you what I don't want. I don't want to be sitting around when I am old, talking to my grandchildren and not having any adventures to tell them. So here is me, making some adventures...

^^ I used to live there (Edinburgh, Scotland)?!

And, seven years ago, there were many adventures to document. These days, the travel type adventures don't happen so often anymore, but the adventures in potty training, temper tantrums, lego building and more are still alive and happening. Like I said, life has become less about me and more about my gang. 

Thanks to my loyal readers for sticking around for so long and listening to me rant and rave about anything that pops into my head. I'm looking forward to keeping the stories of me and my gang coming. 

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  1. You're hair was so long and curly,beautiful!!
    And I think the water mark is really good!! People should stop taking pictures without permission.

  2. I look forward to seven more years of the adventures of you & your gang! So glad you're sticking around.

    Also, your long hair is gorgeous.

  3. The Picture with Isla and you is so Amazing! I can't get over how cute she is! I'm dying of cuteness!!<3 And you are so Pretty Jessica!

  4. Jess and the gang. I like it! I think it's fun to change it up every once in a while! And i like your adventures, because i'm right there with you. Ha... potty adventures are my favorite. NOT

  5. The new name is perfectly suits your blog. And I can not believe I've been reading for 7 years already! CRAZY. Where does the time go?!


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