I'm Bringing 2000 Back...

I am a compulsive shopper. Not one of those people who goes out to look for "key" pieces for my wardrobe or goes home to think about buying something. If I like it, I buy it. The thing with shopping like this is you never know what will become your favorite item or what will be the biggest waste of money.

Lately, with my feet increasing in size, my normal shoes just haven't been as comfortable as they once were. So, I scowered through my closet for another option. And, out popped some Doc Martin mary janes circa 2000. I remember buying these bad boys. My family was on a European vacation and I picked them up at a store in London. Years ago, I sported them all the time. But, it has been years (seriously, like 5 or 6 years) since I have worn them. Well, since rediscovering them, I have been unable to wear anything else! They are roomy, comfortable, don't give me blisters, and being that they are white, they go with everything. At this point, I should also mention, when I pulled them out of the closet, they had a thick layer of dust on them and needed to be cleaned. But, being the special guys that they are, they cleaned up right away.

I say all this to say, it is so hard for me to ever get rid of anything from my closet. I really am one of those people who will discover something years later and start rocking it again. Because of this, it is always hard for me to part with absolutely anything. And since I have this oddly good memory and can tell you when and where I bought everything in my closet, I always know what year I am rocking...and I am not ashamed!


  1. Keep rockin' the Docs! I remember you wearing them around the good ol WDO!

  2. I remember your Doc Martins!!!! :) I'm glad they are making your feet happy again!


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