Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Ian and I once again hit up the Edinburgh Military Tattoo last night. And I would say that it once again did not disappoint. Since most of you will not know what it is, basically it is a show at the castle in Edinburgh where military bands from around the world come and perform. Being that I am seven months pregnant, we were able to enter the stadium before the crowd. This really helped, as being in a crazy crowd of 8,500 people trying to run into a stadium in 30 minutes is a little crazy and not very fun when you are pregnant, so I was definitely thankful for the extra time and being outside of the pushy crowd.

This year, the highlight for me was the group from China. It was a beautiful performance, full of color and crazy performance...think girls on stilts dressed up as horses running around. It may sound ridiculous, but it really was beautiful. There was also the "top secret" drum band from Switzerland. Ian and I couldn't really figure out how anyone playing drums could be top secret, but it really was a good performance. They lit their drum sticks on fire and would throw their sticks in the air to each other. It made for some good entertainment.

The show also made sure to acknowledge the men and women serving in the middle east. The military did a whole mock performance of a shootout in Afghanistan. It was actually quite cool to watch. They had huge guns, rocket launchers, jeeps and more. It was a good "performance" and a good way for us to remember the danger that the servicemen (or service-people) are facing every day.

The most concerning thing for me during the performance was the fact that the baby seemed to kick whenever it heard bagpipes! I hate the sound of bagpipes, so for the baby to like them, that scares me!

And since Ian and I are such great Americans, while everyone stood and sung "God Save the Queen", we sung "My Country 'Tis of Thee", which is written to the same music. Look at us, sticking it to the Brits! ha, ha

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  1. Way to sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee"!!!!!! That is super nice that you were able to get in early because you were pregnant! :)


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