To Scan or Not to Scan

I have discovered that while pregnant, the most simple baby related things can consume my thoughts. One that I am currently thinking about is getting a scan. I haven't had one since I was 13 weeks along. I was supposed to get one at 20 weeks, but due to an unorganized doctor, that never happened. I tried to ask for one anyway, but they said no because it wasn't medically necessary. Now I am left with the decision to pay for one or is about 100 pounds. I kept going back and forth on it...not really wanting to spend the money, but wanting to see a picture of the baby (oh, and this would be a traditional scan...the 3d/4d scans just freak me out). I thought I didn't want one anymore until someone said to me today, "what if you regret not getting one?" Now, I am sure when I am 80, I won't be thinking about this, or even looking at the scan photos. But the question for today still remains...

To scan, or not to scan?


  1. Well if you do scan I would love a copy! :)

  2. Maybe I will make you pay for the copy to help fund it! ha, ha. If I do it, we would actually get a cd full of pictures and I think a dvd too...not that it matters that much.

  3. Okay, so I've looked at our sonogram pics all of ZERO times since the girls have been born. Just so you know, it would be "FUN", but it would only give you pleasure for a short while. After the baby's born, who looks at the sonogram pics? The real thing is much better! I say, save your money, but who knows, you might find out the sex of the baby, so go for it! I know you want to know! HaHa!


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