27 Weeks

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I decided to scour my closet for another top to squeeze into. I was tired of the five tops I have been wearing over and over. I found a large flowy one and put it on, only to discover it didn't fit. I was a tad bit devastated. If it hadn't been for having a hair appointment at noon, I would have put my pajamas back on and crawled back into bed. But, I threw on one of those five trusty shirts and headed out the door.

The hair appointment went well...just a standard haircut and blow dry (I had to post a picture of me with the straight hair from the appointment, as I know it is my mom's favorite! Hi mom!). Then, on to meeting Ian in town for lunch. After lunch, I decided to stop by the store to look at clothes. The store was having a sale and I was able to score some really cute maternity clothes for cheap. Hopefully this will help with the near breakdowns in the future!

Since it is August, Ian and I have begun to stock up for baby. We ordered the crib (or "cot bed"...there are actually different size cribs over here and names for each size...crib, cot, cot bed...who knew!?!)and changing table. They are getting delivered in a couple weeks. We also picked up a cute "pram" for the baby. Everyday I look at it in the hallway and think of pushing my baby around in it...of course, by the time baby makes its entrance into this world, it will be winter, snowy and miserable outside, but someday me and baby will be able to stroll around together!

My belly button is still holding in there. Part of it is creeping out, but it hasn't popped. I was thinking about taking my belly button ring out soon. It doesn't hurt or anything, but I thought it might be gross to leave it in. Ian told me to keep it in a little while longer, as it makes the bump look "unique"...not that anyone ever gets to lay their eyes on this unique bump!

I have been sleeping a lot lately. But, I am not sleeping that soundly. It seems to be hard to find a comfortable position. And I still seem to need to go the bathroom in the middle of the night. Then there is the heat! Honestly, this 65 degree weather is getting to me! At night, I lather my feet with peppermint foot lotion to try to cool them off, and keep them right in front of the fan, but still feel hot at times. Then there is the middle of the night hunger. Honestly, can I really be THAT hungry!?! Still no crazy cravings...I just eat some crackers in the middle of the night, then head back to bed. Come to think of it, I think the daytime naps are needed to help me because of the restless nights! Oh well, this too shall pass!

I still can't believe this little human is due to make an appearance in less than three months! The countdown has begun!


  1. I REALLY like your hair, I even thought before reading your blog, wow cute hair! Like the Pram also, and as far as being hot, just be glad you are in Scotland and not Calif. Oh, and that thing about waking up in the middle of the night, that's just getting you ready for those middle of the night feedings, the baby, not you!

  2. I love the hair! It is really cute! And the belly button is a little weird looking....especially in the picture! :)

  3. Love the hair! Love the stroller! Love the belly! I love you Jessica! Keep these blogs coming so we can experience some of the next few weeks with you! I am praying for you, Ian and Baby G!

  4. You look so great! Love your hair. And I really want your pram.

    I can't believe it's only 3 more months!!

  5. Yep, love the pictures! the belly, the hair and the belly ring :)

    I slept with ice packs on my feet for most of my pregnancy, it works wonders. I used the first aid gel kind so I could just wrap it around my feet (one on each one) and leave it there til I fell asleep.


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