I was out watering my plants this morning when a lady passing by asked me to watch her baby for a minute. She said she just needed to run back home for something. Not knowing what to say, I said okay. I stood there for five minutes until she got back. She is obviously VERY trusting, leaving her baby with a stranger.

Last night, I went to a house warming for a girl I work with. When I got there, one of my coworkers (a guy...which I am assuming you will be able to have guessed in a moment) announced to everyone that I wasn't fat, but merely pregnant. Thanks for that, man!

I found out yesterday at work, there is a 20 GBP bet going on as to if I am having a boy or girl...

Ian and I just finished filling out our visa applications. They are 50 pages each. In it, the application asks if I am a terrorist. Would a real terrorist answer yes?

My left ear has been plugged and ringing for the past two weeks. I don't notice the ringing all the time, but when it is quiet, it sure is annoying. The doctor's office won't see me for it for another week. At least I already have an appointment next week for a baby check up...maybe they can look at it then.

Ian ordered a car for us through his work. Yes, after two years carless, we decided to upgrade for the sake of the baby. But, apparently due to delays at the factory, we aren't due to get our car (a VW Golf) until the end of October. Here's to hoping we get the car before the baby!


  1. Hey Jess,
    I remember toward the end of my pregnancies how random most of my thoughts got! Laughing. . .sadly, I must be the first to warn you, that it doesn't get much better! What was once random are now at best . . .sketchy! (grin)
    Love you!
    Miss G

  2. That is really crazy that the lady would leave her baby with you!!!! I guess you looked like a nice person who wouldn't harm her child.


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