What the...Mushroom?!?

So, like any normal people, Ian and I eat mushrooms. We buy the package at the store rather frequently...come to think of it, normal people probably don't go through a pack of mushrooms a week, but I don't want to get into if we are "normal" or not right now!

As we are making dinner the other night, I am pulling the mushrooms out to wash them and discover what looks like a clump of hair in the mushroom pack! Now, Ian tried to convince me otherwise. But, I am not convinced this is going to be a natural blob like the one found in Alaska. I am just thinking that somehow, someone's hair made it into my pack of mushrooms. Gross!

Look for yourself...


  1. That is awful! It totally looks like hair. Don't eat that package of mushrooms Jess...for Baby G's sake!

  2. The hair clump was seriously like 4 or 5 inches long. And Laurie, we did consume the mushrooms...sorry!


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