Heat Wave

The UK is in the middle of a heat wave. The last heat wave, in 2003, killed over 2000 people and only hit 102 degrees...though you must remember that no one has air conditioning over here. Now, given how much I love the heat, one would expect that I would be excited about this heat wave. The only problem is that it is horribly muggy and sticky outside as well! Not nice. And, there is absolutely no breeze outside tonight, meaning my house is not super pleasant for sleeping. Note - even though I love the heat, I love being cold when I sleep. I know, it doesn't make sense! Even with all the stickiness, I have to admit, I am excited to wake up tomorrow and put on a "summer" outfit, given that it is my day off, and spend the day outdoors. That will be a nice change of pace for the life of Jessica!


On the baby front, I heard the baby's heartbeat at the doctor's today. Also, for the first time, I was actually able to feel a kick with my hand on the outside of my belly (as opposed to just from inside). I called Ian over to feel it, but the baby stopped kicking when he went to feel. And, believe it or not, baby is considered viable (though not a good option) outside my womb now, which means baby must be well along in it's development! Hopefully though, it stays in for a while longer and fattens up!


  1. I'm with you on the heat! I love the sun, but when it comes time to go to bed, it MUST be cold or I can not sleep!

  2. Enjoy your summer day! :) I will enjoy mine as I drive to Modesto and it will probably reach 103 or more on I-5!!!!! But I'll be using the AC. :) So exciting about the baby :) I love the count down.

  3. We are in Phoenix and it's only 108 but it's a dry heat! Enjoy your summer clothes while you can.


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