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At first I thought I wouldn't bore all of you (my fans) out there with constant news and details about the baby. Then I realized that NONE of you get to see me or be around during the growing process of this bundle of joy. So, out goes the idea of not talking about the baby all the time, and in comes more baby information for you!

I got a surprise baby present in the mail on Wednesday. Someone buzzed our house...I didn't answer it at first (still dodging the TV tax people!). But, the guy buzzed again, so I decided to answer it. He said he had a package and I said, "who for!?!". When he said "Ian and Jessica", I was shocked. No one ever sends us anything! I was even more surprised when he came to my door with the package and I opened it. It was baby stuff from my wonderful friend Chandra.

I feel like I am growing by the day, but I think that is the plan, so I am okay with it. Thankfully, I haven't seemed to gain any weight in any other places than my bump. And I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet...though I do use the cream twice a day. I realize I still have a ways to go for all these "fun" side effects to take place, but I am happy that I have made it this far without them. My insides are starting to feel quite smooched. This makes it really had for me to bend over, so I have to do the whole squatting thing. But, it is impossible to do this when putting on my shoes and things like that, so I just have to bare the unconfortableness for a couple minutes while I do things like that. My friends over here have been really supportive of me during the pregnancy. They get mad at me when I over exert myself and help me be careful. My boss is so afraid of me getting swine flu that she has made everyone sign a document about taking precautions and there are bottles of sanitizer all over our work. It really is sweet that she cares so much.

On the non-baby front, we actually have two ripe blueberries on our blueberry plant. This was very exciting! So, we picked them last night and each ate one...they actually tasted like blueberries! We were very excited! Our tomato plant has 10+ tomatoes growing on it. They are all still green, but I am excited about the thought of being able to use tomatoes that we grew ourselves in the coming weeks.

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  1. Baby G is growing!!! So exciting! And I'm glad you found out who sent you the present. Those blueberries looked really good! Hopefully the tomatoes will turn red for you soon!


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