T in the Park

On Saturday, Ian and I went to T in the Park. It's a music festival that takes place outside of Edinburgh. It seriously takes place on someone's farm. We were bussed out from Edinburgh, which took about an hour. Once there, there were about 10 different stages and food trailers set up everywhere. We caught some great music by The Noisettes, Lady GaGa (whom I actually think is totally obnoxious), Katy Perry, The Ting Tings (definitely my favorite performance) and The Killers. I also enjoyed the best (and freshest) doughnuts I have had in a while!

The festival itself is a sight. Everyone wears wellies (including me) and it isn't just for the mud. People leave their trash all over...and I mean all over. Then, guys seem to think they can relieve themselves against any and every wall (so we were sure not to lean on any!). The toilet situation isn't that great. They had portapots set up around the event. The lines for them were rather long. The first time I went, I was actually impressed that the toilets could flush and everything. But, by the end, the were totally full and backed up to the seat...seriously disgusting! I actually almost threw up over after walking into one in this state (gagging definitely happened). Due to this unfortunate incident, I ended up having to relieve myself on the ground with Ian blocking me (it also helped a bit that it was dark at this point). Fortunately for this bad situation, I at least had toilet paper with me, as someone had told me to bring it. The day before we went, Ian bought some pads for us to sit on, and it was a good thing given how dirty the ground was...it also saved my butt from a lot of pain!

The people watching at the festival was at its best. Seriously, people brought their crazy out and it was definitely entertaining. I have even decided to share some pictures for your entertainment as well:

Smoked fish...a bargain at 3.50 GBP!

Notice the guys peeing right by where people are sitting on the ground! And the guy on the right doesn't even have his pants fully done up before turning around!

I don't even know what to say here! I think the picture speaks for itself.

There were 85,000 people there. As the day went on, it got busier and busier. By the end of the day, you had to push your way through the crowd no matter where you were going...this picture is us actually trying to walk from one stage to another and the people are all just standing there!

I would definitely go to the festival again, but next time better prepared. I would bring an actual chair to sit on (to keep me away from the dirty ground!) and given that they don't check bags when you enter, I would bring my own food, though would still buy some of those yummy doughnuts!


  1. Crazy pictures!!!!! or actually i guess it is crazy people.

  2. Guess all that practice on the squatty potties in Cambodia payed off!

  3. I am glad you are having fun Jess! I love you and enjoy reading what you write!

  4. Hi Jess... that last one was from me. Dad


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