Poison for my Hair

I bought a larger bottle of shampoo and it couldn't fit on the shelf in the shower (riveting, I know...but I promise the story gets better...well maybe!), so it is just sitting on the tub. When I got in the shower, I realized that my bottle of shampoo and the bottle of tile cleaner (really, just beach) are the same two colors...black and blue and are sitting quite close to one another. And, even though they aren't the same shape, at 4:15am, I don't think that would matter to me! So, in order to save my hair, the poisonous tile cleaner must be moved.

Okay, so I lied...that story wasn't riveting at all. Dang it! Now, I must come up with a new title and idea for my novel, it was all about this wonderful story and I am guessing it just wouldn't draw the interest from the public that I am looking for!

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