Want FREE Dental Care?


Apparently in the UK, when you are pregnant, you get your dental care for free! Why, you ask? I am going to go with, pregnant people are already feeling fat and such, so they should at least have good looking teeth for free. Okay, so I don't really know the real reason, but I am NOT going to complain.

And the thing is, my dentist isn't some crappy dentist, it is a boutique dentist office. No joke, the nicest dentist office I have ever been to. There are plasma TVs in the ceiling when you are laying down getting your teeth worked on. And, the TVs are big...seriously bigger than the TV we have at our house.

Today was just a check up and cleaning. I do need to get two fillings redone. But again, since I am pregnant, that is free. I will have to wait about 3 weeks for the NHS to approve it, but since I am pregnant, apparently I am unable to get silver fillings (though I would have paid for white ones anyway) as it isn't good for the unborn baby, so they just have to get approval from the NHS and I get my nice white fillings for free.

See, there are perks to being pregnant!


  1. CONGRATS on the FREE dental work!

  2. That's awesome! You probably get it for free b/c there is a link to either miscarriages or premature births (I can't remember which) and bad dental care; which I find really weird but my dental hygienist mom swears it is true.


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