With technology today, anything seems possible. Any information is at our fingertips. Long lost friends make reappearances into our lives, and we can read what celebrities are doing day or night. There is live coverage of Michael Jackson's body being taken from the hospital to the coroners office and every movie available, even if it just came out last night. But, I am not so sure this is a good thing. I am starting to find a lot of technology needless and annoying.

Take facebook, my first victim. Do I like it? Yes. I love that I can see what my friends and family are up to. I love that I can keep tabs on those that have moved far away (wait, I am one of those!) and can reconnect with old friends. But, I don't love the pressure to be friends with anyone and everyone I have ever known. A couple of months ago, I finally just stopped accepting most of the friend invitations I was receiving. I mean, honestly, I wasn't even close to most of those people. Just because you know who I am, doesn't mean you need to be my friend on facebook!

Then there's all those darn paparazzi websites. I am not going to lie, I like looking at celeb photos, just like the rest of you. But sometimes I think, enough is enough. Do celebrities need to be stalked in their homes, having helicopters flying from above? I was embarrassed for society when I saw pictures of Michael Jackson's children crying leaving the funeral home. I understand his family are fame whores and put the crying children on national television anyway, but some things just need to be kept private. And everyone deserves a chance to grieve over the death of their father without a camera in their face.

It just makes me think, when is enough, enough? When will we be able to put down our computers, blackberries, ipods and cell phones and actually focus on life that is right in front of us? When will we be able to enjoy being in the now and stop needing everything yesterday? When will we be able to enjoy the mediocre parts of life and not just wait for vacation to focus on those around us? For me, I hope this is happening every day. I don't want to get caught up in technology. I want to live in the present and enjoy every moment of it!

Please note...I do realize I say all of this from a blog. I am a hypocrite, I know. Technology is good, I just don't want to be overwhelmed by it.

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