Playing Catch Up

Its been a while. I know. We moved last weekend and don't have internet at our house. Hopefully we will have it up sometime soon. Very, very soon. I realize now that I really like the internet. Okay, so I knew this before, but still.

Anyway, where did we leave off? Oh yes, Connor was sick. For two days straight. Of course I decided to make him a doctor's appointment and when I took him in, he seemed perfectly fine. Like seriously fine. Except for the diarrhea. (Too much information?) But the doctor said that could last for weeks. Weeks?!? So we decided we would make the most of this new found health and get out of town.

On Saturday we packed up and headed to San Francisco. Destination? A children's museum...and Ikea on the way home. The morning went well, except for the fact that I now felt sick. But we soldered on. Connor seemed to have a great time playing and exploring at the museum.

Then we went to grab lunch in the museum cafe. And that's when it happened. Connor threw up all over himself...and the ground. And what did I do? Cover him up with a blanket so people wouldn't notice, told Ian to wait for our food and took him outside. There I proceeded to change him and try to clean his stroller, which was covered in said throw up. After a little while in the sun, the stroller dried, Connor had clean clothes on and everything seemed right with the world again. Ian decided we should stay a bit longer. With trepidation, I agreed. 

That lasted about a half an hour. Said child diarrheaed through his diaper and all over himself. So, once again we cleaned him up. This time we left. Connor fell asleep in the car. I still wasn't feeling well. But, we decided to stop at Ikea because there were a couple things we needed. So, I stayed in the car with Connor while Ian went in. Connor slept for a while, then woke up, so I moved him to the front seat with me. All seemed to be going well. Until he threw up. I was smart enough/quick enough to aim Connor where it only went on the floor mat (well, and some on my leg). About that time, Ian emerged with our stuff. We were able to get things loaded and cleaned up and back on the road.

Once again, Connor fell asleep. About a mile or so before we got home, Connor woke up and threw up. A lot. Thankfully his car seat contained it. We rushed home, got Connor in the bath and I disassembled the car seat and cleaned it. While in the bath Connor had diarrhea...

And the flu saga continued for another day and a half. It lasted a total of 5 days. Those may have been the longest 5 days of my life. Thankfully it is now over. And we are still alive.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That sounds like hell on earth. You poor thing! I can't believe how calm you write this (and it sounds like you were both calm during the whole ordeal). I'm so glad to read that you're all back in good health. Here's hoping that you NEVER have to go through that again!

  2. oh I'm so sorry, Xander had the flu two weeks fun, although he is old enough to hold and aim for the bucket. Glad Connor is doing better and that you survived the mess. How are you feeling?

  3. That sounds absolutely awful! Poor Connor; poor you! Yuck. (But I admit I am a terrible person b/c I did laugh a bit when I read that he had diarrhea in the bathtub. But it was a "are you kidding me" kind of laugh.)


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